Are We Truly Alone?

There Are Endless Things Beyond What We Can See

Before we can talk about everyday life and all the interesting things that exist I decided to make my first official blog post about the concept of life first. We can’t begin to introduce all the wonderful things we have the pleasure of experiencing in our lifetime without first talking about life.


Are we truly alone in this world? This question has been asked for millenniums, from the time man gazed upon the heavens and wondered what was in the sky. Could there be other life out there? We can’t be the only “things” to exist in this galaxy. Coincidentally when I finally got an idea about what my first blog post should be to introduce my website I saw an article in The New York Times today about one of the astronauts from the Apollo missions that walked on the moon had passed away. A lot of people debate whether or not mankind truly went into space, let alone stepped foot on the moon but the idea alone is astronomical. Consider Elon Musk and his mars resettlement mission “SpaceX”, the lengths mankind is going to see what exists out there is crazy, to say the least. Pop culture and mainstream media further fuel these desires when one considers Marvel movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and the possibilities of space travel, or what the galaxy even looks like, is there a multiverse? or do parallel universes exist?

I guess you’re wondering what does this has to do with my website, or does this even matter. I thought introducing the concept of life would be a great way to start discussing things that bring meaning to our lives. It kind of puts things into perspective when one considers things we hold dearly or even stress about are tiny, tiny fragments compared to the larger universe that exists out there. I saw a TikTok that actually blew my mind in this same exact way. I definitely related to it a lot and I hope it blows your mind like it did mine. I watched it about 30 times, I really could not shake the feeling of being “tiny”. I sometimes get that feeling when I’m in the city and I look at skyscrapers but this, this is another level of far out.

I really can’t wait to start blogging about all the interesting things that exist in this world and even continue talking about space. Maybe one day we’ll get the answer to the question of what else is out there but for now, it’s cool to speculate, hear stories about fly saucers and UFOs and watch movies about it. Feel free to tell me what you think about what else you think is out there. Do you even believe in a multiverse? Do you think we’re alone?

It’s quite trippy👽!


  1. Hello Cassie, this is Tyler from CT 101, I’m not sure if we are in the same section of CT 101 together, but I just wanted to say that your website is really cool! I love astronomy and conspiracy theories definitely something the world needs to see more of, well done!

    1. Hello Tyler! Thank you so much for your feedback and thoughts. I totally agree, conspiracy theories are really cool, especially when you get caught up in really captivating ones and you go down a rabbit hole. Thank you for your comment!

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