Discovering Other Websites / Impact of Social Media

There are so many cool websites! 

I have not been blogging as much as I would like and truly between school and life on a whole everything is just simply far too exhausting to keep up with. I finally got around to looking at more of my classmates’ websites from CT101 and I am truly impressed. So many of them were able to create quite intriguing content and it has inspired me to write about them. Many of them were on everyday interest and some were very creative. It’s nice to see a contrast in content as well. I feel like my website is more out there in its idea and content and to see someone comment that they really liked it really motivates me to keep making blogs.

me these past few weeks

I discovered a few websites and so far one of my favorites is  The author of this website did a really good job in designing her website. It was really different from the other ones I was viewing. However, what was truly nice about this website was the content. She writes these beautiful and captivating short stories that really resonated with me. Of the three she posted Wallflowers, Sunflowers & Petals is my favorite! It was just a great read and something different to experience on a website. Great job!

my reaction while reading

Another one of my favorites would be I loveee the concept behind this website, a foodie blog! I am a big foodie myself and I love that she offers tasty pictures of the food and the environment as well as details about the experience. This was such a nice website and I’m glad my other classmates also enjoyed her website as much as I did. New York is the perfect place for a food blog website, there is literally every kind of food style, cuisine, and taste here and I look forward to seeing what else she adds over the summer. 

all this yummy food!

Impact of Social Media 

The age of social media has allowed us as humans to tap into new levels of creativity and expression that make the internet more bearable. It has allowed us to share our inner thoughts and interest, our talents, aspects of everyday life in more meaningful, and playful ways. From posting what we eat, our workdays, where we travel to, our clothes, sneakers, movies, and tv-shows, and so forth and so forth, we have created endless amounts of content that can be relatable to others. Social media has been used for various purposes some good and some bad. We watch things occurring in real-time on platforms such as Twitter such as when the threats of World War III were happening. It’s crazy to see how humans can make something like that, very scary and dangerous into humor. The countless amounts of memes created depicted the ability of humans to be cheerful in complete chaos. I think that is one of the best qualities we as humans possess, especially younger generations.


For that reason, Twitter is my favorite social media app. I could spend hours on it just reading funny tweets and it really does provide a space for everyone to find their own corner. I’ve been using it for years and I’ve been able to not only get a good laugh but can support others be it their art, their content, their interest, businesses, etc. I remember before smartphones were really a thing, I couldn’t wait to come home from school and get on the desktop and scroll on Twitter, it’s such a staple. It really is the superior social media app (I will die on that hill).


This week I had lots and lots of funny tweets trending but one particular one that was the highlight for me was about the movie Saw and Final destination.


Twitter is a gold mine! I truly love the abilities social media has given us to be our own comedians or really whatever we want to be. Humans can create some good on this planet!

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